Of all the ideas in my mind, the best ones stay the longest. Couple of years ago, I had an idea to make something interesting from my old jeans, so last year I decided to make a whole collection out of recycled denim. It took a while to gather all the denim I needed, and last autumn I finally started making the collection “Recycled Jeans”.

Two ideals, freedom – that not so many people have and feminism which unfortunately isn’t working in so many societies are reflected in the denim weave.

This collection includes dresses, skirts, a coat and a bomber jacket, all made from recycled jeans. I chose traditional male caps from the Balkan Peninsula as accessories to send a message that women deserve the same freedom and respect that men have.

Denim is a symbol of defiance against authority and oppression, people should wake up, look around and realize that this is the 21st century, everyone deserves a chance and women shouldn’t be oppressed and suppressed by society.

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I’m very happy to present my work to you on the project Scupini Romani. It’s about the people who lived in the ancient roman city of Scupi (today near Skopje, the capital city of R.Macedonia).

Scupini Romani is an international festival dedicated to ancient Roman culture which is organized by Haemus, a center for scientific research and the promotion of Roman culture, based in Skopje.

It was an honor and a challenge to work on this project. I was doing research for more than two months before I started making these costumes. I used wool and linen materials and decorative strips with geometric shapes inspired by that period.

Clothing in ancient Rome was comprised of two pieces, tunic and toga. The tunic was made of wool, male tunic was called toga and female tunic was known as palla, which was worn over stola – a simple long garment.  The type and color of the tunic was an indicator of social status in the hierarchy of the Roman social classes. Banning people from wearing togas was considered a great punishment. Favorite colors were all shades of yellow, green and purple.

Photo by my dearest friend Ladislav King – Vertigo Creative Photography